RAYA is the exclusive agent licensed by Integrated Plastics to manufacture the new hand technology, so that RAYA becomes unique in this technology in the Middle East

Integrated Plastics innovative designs & manufacturing platforms allow you to bring your products to market in a fully patented, commercially proven and 100% recyclable PET handle bottle solutions.

RAYA PLASTICS can develop custom bottle designs and supply to our customer locations all over the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Being a full-service PET bottle manufacturer, and raw materials trade.


RAYA PLASTICS is an innovative plastic bottle manufacturer providing environmentally friendly, food-grade PET bottles.


At RAYA PLASTICS, we are interested in you as a long-term customer. RAYA PLASTICS quality, on-time delivery, and great customer service are all essential elements of a premiere plastic bottle manufacturer.


The expansion of Raya Plastics continues, starting with the trading of pure row materials and the master batch To the manufacture of plastic containers and the continuous development continues, expansion and additions, Raya Plastics also adds a new technology in the world of plastic manufacturing, which is the hand technique of the same PET material.

Plastic PET bottles provide the look of glass with improved functionality.

  • Resistance of breakage.
  • Reduce weight.
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Reduce warehouse expenses


What We Did?

23+Years of Experience
150+Expert Engineers
3Branches in World
30+Factory Supplies

Your choice of PET bottles versus other plastic containers might hinge on

  • Clarity
  • Impact resistance

Why us ?


We are committed to providing our products by applying the highest international quality standards and specifications


through keeping up with and transferring modern technology, in addition to the studies and research we carry out.

A healthy environment

by using safe, healthy and environmentally friendly materials.


Through the implementation of the organizational performance integrated system, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers.


As we aim to create integrated values, we not only create economic values by enhancing profits, but we also bear a greater responsibility to create social values as one of the citizens of the world.